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to figure out who shot a woman on a bicycle outside a middle school overnight near sacramento and war streets where amy hollyfield joins -- and ward streets where amy hollyfield joins us live with the investigation. >> reporter: investigators left 30 minutes ago it is raining near berkeley it has been throughout the night and they were out in it for six hours looking for clues that could lead them to this woman's killer. they don't know who she is. she didn't have any identification on her. when found her she was alone. when she got on the scene they didn't know they were dealing with a murder at first. they heard there was a bicyclist down and figured it was a crash. then they discovered she was shot in the head. she was alone. police don't have witnesses or suspects. they have no idea what the motive could have been. this happened around 11:30 last night near longfellow middle school. police were dealing with the rain and few if any clues but say they are trying to figure out who she is, why she was killed and who shot her in the head? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> police are also
officers received a call shortly before midnight and found the man dead near ward and sacramento behind a middle school. no word on any suspects. more in a live report from amy hollyfield in the next half hour. >>> developing news out of oakland. four people injured after shooting near lake merritt 10:30 last night at several low -- locations. a witness heard gunshots around a liquor store in the area. one person was reported to be in critical, all said to be in stable condition. investigators say they are looking for three suspects. >> in san francisco police investigating fatal shooting in hayes valley last night a man was found before 8:00 last night taken to the hospital where he died. detectives have not released a motive. >>> what a difference amour makes. when we were driving in it was misty if you look here, a little wet. >> jut as mike predicted. -- just as mike predicted. when is it going to move out? >> not until well after the morning commute. good morning. steadier line of rain 80 sacramento, vallejo, san francisco out to the ocean heaviest rain now on the richmond s
, just san diego and i did speak with the folks in sacramento and there is legislation that will address bottle bill -- actually once a year or couple of years that they do a bottle bill fix and adjust things and there is another bill planned for this life-threateningive session in january. so i mean the timing is right in terms of if there were some recommendations coming out of san francisco, there is a vehicle for us to talk to the folks up there. >> great. >> this convenience zone, is that unique to california? >> it is. it's very unusual. i am from the east coast and grew up with the bottle bill there and it's very different. it's very successful here and they are talking about using it as a national model. there is an effort to try to create more jobs by creating more recycling infrastructure. because many states don't have anything at all and the stuff is just thrown out all over the place if you are driving across the country. they are looking at this particular law as a value and it's funny we're the real odd duck in california because of our density. there is no place els
was reported missing last week. we have been following this story. they were last seen in the sacramento area and were heading from citrus heights back to nevada. authorities say they were in a collision of some kind. paula lane was fnd in alpine county tonight. she has been life flighted to a hospital. but her boyfriend is apparently dead. >>> people in t east bay may have felt their homes shaking. one measured 2.9 and the other 1.8. there are no reports of any other damages. >> l's move on to the weather. the rain has moved out thankfully and the fog is moving in. here is abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> looking at doppler 7hd you can see it is quiet for a change. we have our own radar. it was keeping you ahead of the storm. here is what the storm brought, an inch in santa rosa and 1.19 in sonoma county. san francisco over an inch and oakland picked up .89. a third of an inch in concord and san jose and livermore just over half an inch. the fog has formed and look at the visibility. it is just over a mile in half moon bay. three miles in santa rosa a
. we have been following this story. they were last seen in the sacramento area and were heading from citrus heights back to nevada. authorities say they were in a collision of some kind. paula lane was found in alpine county tonight. she has been life flighted to a hospital. but her boyfriend is apparently dead. >>> people in the east bay may have felt their homes shaking. one measured 2.9 and the other 1.8. there are no reports of any other damages. >> let's move on to the weather. the rain has moved out thankfully and the fog is moving in. here is abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> looking at doppler 7hd you can see it is quiet for a change. we have our own radar. it was keeping you ahead of the storm. here is what the storm brought, an inch in santa rosa and 1.19 in sonoma county. san francisco over an inch and oakland picked up .89. a third of an inch in concord and san jose and livermore just over half an inch. the fog has formed and look at the visibility. it is just over a mile in half moon bay. three miles in santa rosa and novato. we ar
a leadership position on in recommending to sacramento. have you all talked to recology about what their view of this whole thing is? >> they understand the problem. they run into the largest buybacks, one at pier 96 on the port and the one at tunnel road and they used to operate seven or eight other ones. they want to see the material handled. it's sort of there is an old garbage guy adage that you want to get your hands on everything and keep it, but they understand that their major role is providing the kind of background coverage for everything. as you were pointing out earlier, this is valuable material that picks up and moves on it's own. >> right. >> and that could mean an advantage for us in terms of that material not having to be paid for and carried by the very expensive systems. >> it would be a collaboration where you create a multi-tiered distribution system, where it ends up ultimately there, but someone makes something at each step of the way? >> actually, they said they are open to being a collector for a more kind of mobile system or a smaller subset. when you mentioned
? >> to the sacramento kings. warriors hit the road for one night and the pesky sacramento kings always give them fits. tonight is no different. it didn't matter. details next in sports. [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. from their longest trip with a franchise record six wins in seven tries. they were the hottest team until they ran into the kings. plenty of warriors fans made the trip to sacramento to support their team. david leigh continued his hot play. he passed the ball to lee and goes the distance. and yes he can. to fur debt and -- furdett. it is the fourth quarter and 13-point deficit. it is part of a 28-.7 board. it is a 112-111 lead. he fouled out with 32 points. the kings pull away with curry on the bench. bottom and they beat it for the second
at are den fair mall in sacramento. -- the mall was unlock down yesterday after a fight broke out in the food court. you can see people running. police say the fight involved about 20 who took off running through the mall knocking over signs and shoppers. in the confusion some thought kagan gunman was firing shots, -- that was not the case. >> i imagined someone with a gun or just someone coming to the store and threatening us. >> we hid behind the jewelry i was like we need to get out. i'm not about to get shot. >> sacramento police say they arrested four people, nobody was hurt. >>> happening now, president obama is in the air right now on his way back to washington from hawaii to try to reach a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. he boarded air force one overnight and will be arriving in maryland around 8:45 this morning. the president cut short his vacation. democrats and republicans have just four days to reach a deal before mandatory budget cuts and tax increases kick in january 1st. >>> new senator representing hawaii will arrive on capitol hill today. lt. governor will fill the
list, a massive water project for the sacramento delta and revamping california's school funding system. governor brown is expected to present his agenda when he delivers his state of the state address in january. >>> the warriors are on a roll. just ahead, can they keep up their momentum at home? >>> and an unusual sight in new york. the lights dimmed on broadway. we'll explain why when we come back. ,,,,,,,, >>> a little bit of a gray start to our saturday morning, as we look out live over the skyline of san francisco. the temperatures today in the 50s and more sunshine later in the day. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, do not store them in the refrigerator and enjoy them within two or three days. we're going to do a lot of klugman. the actor died monday in los angeles, at age 90. he was best known for his role as r t the actor died mon
sacramento and ward streets where amy hollyfield joins us live with new information. >> reporter: the rain is coming down here in berkeley, it is raining hard, the investigators are still here, they are still looking for clues out here in the rain, we are the award and sacramento. they don't have much to go -- to go on, they've:here since 11:30 last night trying to find something. when police got here -- go here they didn't though they were dealing with a murder they heard a bicyclist was down they thought it was a crash. then they discovered the woman on the bike had been shot in the head. the lt. on the case tells me she did not have identification on her so they don't know who she is. he wouldn't speculate on her age. i asked for a range, teenager, elderly? he said somewhere in the middle. he didn't want to speculate any further. the coroner is now trying to figure out who she is. when police found her she was alone. they don't have suspects, they don't have witness. they've got quite a mystery trying to figure out who she is and who killed her and why? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> al
seguras y sacramento podrÍa ser uno de ellos y a el alguacil quiere una polÍtica en relaciÓn a los indocumentados. >>> el alguacil de sacramento scott jones se sentÓ con no sÍ noticias 19, ti debido que estÁ de una de las cÁrceles paso graentss del paÍdel paÍs, >>> la meta era de proveer seguridad pÚblica deportando a criminales indocumentados considerados peligrosos >>> la persona de la comunidads e llama a este programa, de ip seguro cciÓn ocio en california una 26 mil personas fueron deportadas por delitos graves, pero fueron mÁs de 50 mil quienes fueron deportadas quienes no cometieron delitos mayores. jones scombexpresÓ que no respa por comÚn seguras. planea im meten tar una esta persona se le darÁ libertad como cualquier persona, y no podrÁ ser detenida por 48 horas. >>> nos informÓ pamela dÍaz y cambiando de tema, la suprema corte de la justicia aceptÓ estudiar la proposiciÓn 8 la cual prohÍbe el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo. y la decisiÓn llegarÁ en el mes de junio. >>> una joven y un niÑo murieron cuando el auto en que viajaban chocÓ contr
on the kings in sacramento in a high-scoring affair. >>> and the bay area's favorite way to are i think in the new year is always with kron4! the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will be on the kron4 new year's live show. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> welcome back, everyone. the red-hot warriors scored a season high 127 points tonight in sacramento, and they still lost. 2nd kings up by 15. 4th quarter, warriors battle back. jack had 28 points 7 rebounds in the game. steph curry hits a 3-pointer as the warriors take the lead. he was fouled out. marcus thornton, kings outscore the warrior
at school. he was a victim of bullying in sacramento, california. these kinds of summits are interesting it me because i'm boots on the ground. i am in the trenches every single day and i live in sacramento so i'm at the capitol and we use the word bullying which softens the behavior. this is abuse. it is peer abuse. and our children are crying for help. and the adults who are charged with their well-being turn a blind and deaf ear to it and here's my comment. there are no consequences for failure to comply. nothing with teeth. and i have a dead child who broke under horrendous circumstances where in one of the best schools in sacramento, meraloma, breaks every record going. it is the best. and my son was perceived to be gay and the idea that you could scream out every horrendous word in front of god and everyone and no one did anything, and michael followed policy to a t tomorrow is his birthday. i should be celebrating his 21st birthday. instead, my husband and i, we mourn 4 years. we are no further along. none of our laws, they are not working. this is great. but as a par
and we decided that we would call it seth's law in honor of her, she had been in and around sacramento for a long time. so the legislation in and of itself, i don't think it's going to work miracles, but it is definitely on people's radar now and i think you hear it in the media more and more. the reason we have a suicide barrier and the reason we are having legislation like this is because of the parents and the families because they are the ones that hurt the most and i would imagine part of the therapeutic thing, you've got to tell this story and telling it in the right place and the right time can be very effective. so seth's law does require that if you witness an act of bullying, that you must report it. >> is that for anybody? >> anyone, but particularly teachers. there is a -- sometimes we see things that aren't very pleasant and if you've ever taken it to muni, you know what i mean. your tendency is to turn away. i heard the word faggot on the play ground when i taught. the teachers were intimidated, they didn't want to be seen to have any empathy because that might refle
than talk is up in sacramento about changing proposition 13, one of the biggest debates probably we'll see in sometime. state senator mark leno will join us live to talk about the idea of changing it. >> one local county is talking about using drones as far as gathering intelligence, remote control planes that have a camera on them. lot of people are concerned about privacy when it comes to that proposal. we'll take an in-depth look at that as well. >>> right now, the back-and-forth between the white house and republicans in congress is showing no signs of letting up. >> there is a little more than three weeks left before the u.s. goes over that fiscal cliff we've been talking about. cbs reporter nancy cordis on the progress or lack thereof in washington. >> reporter: in his saturday weekly address, president obama signaled he is open to making cuts on programs like medicare and medicaid if republicans agree to raise tax rates for the rich. >> i'm willing to find ways to bring down the cost of healthcare without hurting seniors and other americans who depend on it. and i'm willing t
is also in trouble for something that happened in the sacramento area. >>> here's a look at 101 through san francisco. traffic flowing nicely. we will let you know if there are any problems coming up. >>> more problems for cat williams. he was arrested yesterday in seattle. he got into a dispute with a work earn at a bar in seattle. that arrest comes a day after williams was caught on tape slap anglo at a target store near sacramento. days before that katt williams also had a run in with police in downtown sacramento after he almost hit five pedestrians. he was also arrested recently in oakland and had a very public meltdown on stage last month. >>> new this morning secretary of state hillary of clinton warning there is a red line for the united states if syria uses chemical weapons from its several war. >> i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people. >> secretary clinton delivered that warning to a visit to a the czech republic. this all follows intel
the sacramento breeze it's like -- sacramento bee it's likely a significant amount. >>> janine de la vega is live for us in cupertino this morning. one of the places where a dui crack down starts today. >> reporter: that is right. starting tonight sheriffs deputies will be conducting a dui check point at an undisclosed intersection. which along here on stevens creek boulevard. that is one of many happening throughout the bay area tonight and through the weekend. the california highway patrol is already out checking for people celebrating the new years holiday a little too much and in fro mont police operated at dui check point last night and early into this morning. today state senator jerry hill will introduce a bill he hopes will cut down on drunk driving. he will require drunk drivers to install a blood alcohol test in their cars after their second dui conviction. people reacted to the new bill. >> it's good to weigh out all the options. this is obviously something that could benefit. i'm all for it. as long as our liberties are not too over reaching. >> reporter: the device prevents the cars
area boy scout will be in sacramento today. >>> here's a look at highway 4 to the pittsburgh area you can see traffic flowing well. we do have an incident in livermore. >>> good morning. a little bit of patchy fog. petaluma and santa rosa and north bay. we have high clouds. near 60 for almost everybody. >>> four people were found shot to death outside of a oklahoma in southern california. the bodice of two men and women were found early sunday morning. the victims were face down along an outer walkway outside what appeared to be an unlicensed boarding house. no arrests have been made. >>> a member of the coast guard is dead and another member hurt after their small boat was rammed off the southern california coast. they were in a small boat and investigating reports of smuggling off the channel islands. their boat was rammed by a smugglers boat that was running without lights. terrell horn and another person were thrown into the water by the impact. horn suffered traumatic injury and died. his crew mate were treated for minor injuries. >>> this weekend storm brought major problems to
. alex savidge joins us now from the crime scene on sacramento street. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. lieutenant out here on scene told me it's much too early to say what the motive may have been for this deadly shooting. we do know a man was riding his bike here late last night when she was shot to death. you can see the investigation still ongoing. the shooting happened right outside of long fellow middle school. just about an hour ago we watched as the coroner took away the man's body. he hasn't yet been identified here. police were called out around 11:30. they got 911 calls about a bicyclist down on the sidewalk. officers arrived and quickly realized this man had been shot an eventually pronounced dead out here. homicide investigators are trying to find witnesses to this crime that can help piece together this homicide. >> obviously a loss of life is a significant thing. you can take every investigative step possible to catch whoever is responsible for this crime. >> reporter: the lieutenant told me he doesn't have any information on the shooter in this cas
mullin was shot next to longfellow middle school on sacramento street. it's unclear if she was targeted. so far no arrests have been made. >>> the fate of a pit bull who attacked a u.s. park patrol officer's horse in san francisco is scheduled to be determined this afternoon. the dog attacked stoney, the police horse, last august at crissy field. animal control officials ordered the dog named charlie to be put to death. but his owner appealed so there will be ahearing in an-- a hearing in animal court at 2:00 to decide whether to dairy -- whether to carry out that order. >> reporter: we are live where you can see the new 49er stadium. we'll tell you about the significant milestone being celebrated today. >>> the dry weather is here. how long will it last? mark tamayo will be here to tell you. >>> and how one team accuses the u.s. in the america cup of breaking the rules. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 ch
despues de haber desaparecido en medio de una tormenta de nieve en nevada, un hombre de sacramento fue hallado muerto y su novia fue hospitalizada tras sufrir congelacion en algunas extremidades take vo ---la pareja salio de sacramento en un vehiculo todoterreno la noche de accion de gracias hacia las montaÑas de nevada ---la camioneta se atasc y el hombre, roderick clifton, salio a buscar ayuda ---al ver que no volva, su novia abandon el vehculo ---un hermano de la mujer la encontr ayer, una tarea que le fue dificil a las autoridades pues el vehiculo fue cubierto por la nieve. cesar ---se detecta en ciertos articulos para bebe un quimico que ha sido prohibido porque podria causar cancer... take vo ---el centro para la salud ambiental de oakland puso a prueba colchones para cunas, colchonetas para cambio de paÑales, tapetes para dormir y otros productos que contienen esponjas y dicen que encontraron niveles altos del quimico que se utilice para proteger ciertas telas contra las llamas... ---la organizacion ademas anuncio que tomara acciones legales contra las tiendas que venden los p
sunny skies. if you are heading out expect the fog. temperatures will be in the mid 60s in sacramento and 59 at fresno. up north mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out of sfo monday it looks mostly sunny. northwest earlies will kick up. rain in new york. otherwise denver, chicago, la look okay as do we. in the bay area numbers will be 3 degrees above average in the low to mid 60s under mostly sunny skies until this afternoon. let's go with the sunshine theme. sunny skies through tuesday. on wednesday we increase the clouds to get a few showers. then the rest of the week, later half of the week looks like variable clouds and a few showers for wednesday, thursday, friday. not a big deal. it will be cooler and wet starting on wednesday. in the meantime have a great saturday. >> good weekend to do holiday shopping. >> i would think so. >> hard to carry bags and an umbrella. thanks. >>> warriors on the road in brooklyn. next in sports the boys in blue taking down the net. >> let's take a trip down candy lane. this house puts on quite a light show thanks to the lights of the
. a standoff at a jack-in-the- box in sacramento has come to an end. sacramento police say a man with a gun tried to rob the restaurant earlier this afternoon. and barricaded himself inside with two female hostages. one woman was released and able to walk out on her own. another woman ran free when swat teams opened fire and detonated concussion grenades. the gunman was shot. his condition has not been released. >> a controversay brewing on the u-c berkeley campus. between the student government and the salvation army. kron four's philippe djegal explains why some students want bell ringers banned from the university. >> if the uc berkeley government has of their way you will never receive the salvation army runners on campus ever again. and i think it has gone too far i would disagree with the band. and i think that the student body is discriminating against the salvation army. >> last month passed a resolution of the discriminatory practices of the salvation army and want to end the presence of the organization's donation containers on the uc- berkeley campus. students have mixed opinions
the connecticut shooting. we'll have details. and a sacramento woman who says mushrooms are growing in her moldy apartment. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> a renter in sacramento finds mold and mushrooms growing from the carpet in her apartment! she says she has report happened the problem to the management. she says that they have cleaned and replaced the carpet self time, yet the mold and mushrooms grow back. now she says she's worried about the health of her son but cannot afford to move. >> i don't feel like it's safe to be here. but i don't really have anywhere else to go. my son had to stay home from school today. i want in contact with his doctor
what is really going on. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> new at 11:00, sacramento police say some teenagers are responsible for creating panic at a shopping mall. a tv news crew was at the arden fair mall when this happened. people were running for safety. the teens started fighting in the food court and then ran through the mall knocking over signs and knocking over shoppers. in the confusion some people thought a gunman was firing shots. that was not the case. no gunman and no significant injuries. a boy from daily city is dead from a grizzly traffic accident that took the life of a woman from glendale. the two died last night in pasadena after an suv running from police blew through a red light and smashed into the mini-van they were riding in. two adults and a teenager from daily city in the -- daly mini-van were injured. all of those in the suv were arrested and being charged with murder. >>> well, while you are out taking advantage of holiday sales, thieves are hitting the malls in large numbers too. they take full advantage of crowded stories during the holiday season,
. aaron brooks put sacramento up by 4 with the long three ball. the kings shot 50% tonight. marcus scored 19 off the bench. just too many wide-open looks for sacramento. they win. >>> cardinals ranked no. 1 in the country. >>> a game-high 21. stanford squeaks. they remain undefeated, one of 17 in the country still undefeated. >> we had a target on our back tonight. that's one of the things we have to expect when we come to games like this and every game from here on out. we're fortunate to be able to play against this crowd and win. >> win, baby. just win. >>> it took alex smith 25 starts to win the nfc player of the week award. colin kaepernick, just five. peyton manning is the only other quarterback in league history to throw four touchdown passes at gillette stadium. >>> david shaw took over the stanford head coaching job for jim harbaugh two years ago. today he signs a long-term deal with the school. now, terms of the extension were not announced. but shaw hinted he's here to stay. >> it goes for a while. this is good. put it this way, i wanna be coaching here until my kids graduate f
gave thor a free ticket from alaska to sacramento to receive help. >> i could not believe they let me just walk on the plane with this dog. >> reporter: doctors took a cat scan of thor's jaw to see what's going on. >> our goal is to go in there and remove all of the bone and calcification that's fusing his jaw together and allow him to open his jaw. >> reporter: the reason thor was taken here is because of recommendation, because of the canine involved in a shooting over the summer. sean bennett, cbs 5. >>> let's take a quick look at the hi-def doppler. heavy rain coming on to the coast. brian hackney has an update. >>> in addition to a few showers coming down, we've also got the high surf advisory posted until 10:00 tomorrow night. waves could be up to 22 feet. strong rip currents as well, so if you're going to go beach combing this weekend, don't turn the back to the ocean. make sure you're aware that the waves are going to be pretty high this weekend. cloudy and showers tonight. clearing later tomorrow. unsettled weather for new year's eve. first, the showers being triggered by lo
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